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5 Ways Design Thinking Advances Workplace Problem Solving

While the term “design thinking” may be mistaken as an exercise for designers only, after recently completing IDEO’s Hello Design Thinking course, I learned that design thinking is a process that should be practiced by everyone at an organization. IDEO defines design thinking as a process for creative problem solving, and here are the five ways that this mindset can […]

3 Differences Between Design and Art

I’ve studied and practiced design for about six years now, and throughout the course of my young career, I’ve often heard these comments when sharing my work with others: “you’re so artsy” or “it’s so pretty” or “what a work of art.” While these are certainly nice compliments—believe it or not—I usually find myself disagreeing […]

Who Can I Actually Email? How to Build a Segmentation Strategy

Email marketing is by far one of the absolute best investments that a business can make. This is because email is a direct 1:1 relationship with your contacts used to deliver personalized value, and in return, drive revenue for your business. Rather than creating unwanted interruptions like traditional marketing methods, email marketing allows you to […]

3 Ways Growth-Driven Web Design Will Improve Your Business

Well, two years have gone by, and it’s probably time to redesign the website. The site looks outdated, it’s not generating qualified leads, and the information on it is no longer accurate. Does this sound familiar? This approach has always seemed to make sense to businesses, and for years, this is how a website redesign […]